MANCOSA PGCE Application 2023/2024

By | 28/05/2021

MANCOSA PGCE Application 2023/2024

MANCOSA PGCE Application; See details on MANCOSA PGCE Application 2023/2024

The MANCOSA Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Further Education and Training Teaching is a 18-month programme aimed at developing graduates who wish to become school teachers. Teaching choices may be selected from a list of specialisations offered by MANCOSA.

This PGCE qualification aims to develop innovative teachers who will meet the needs of a new generation of students. The key to taking South Africa forward lies in educating the nation for tomorrow


Upon successful completion of the Postgraduate Certificate in Education programme, the student should be able to:
  • Demonstrate foundational knowledge of theories and principles that inform teaching and learning;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the diverse context in which teaching and learning takes place within the South African school system;
  • Develop and understanding of a learner-centred pedagogy to meet the diverse learner needs and contextual variations of the country;
  • Demonstrate their ability to plan lessons for teaching incorporating the use of teaching and learning technologies to facilitate effective learning;
  • Be familiar with the prevailing school and curriculum policies that inform teaching practices;
  • Be able to demonstrate the skills in teaching of the specialisation subjects taking cognisance of the teaching context, educational infrastructure and school resources across the diverse schooling context that is prevalent within South African communities;
  • Be able to communicate effectively in class through the medium of English;
  • Be able to converse with learners in one of the indigenous African languages.

Admission requirements

The minimum admission requirement is an approved bachelor’s degree.

The degree should include sufficient disciplinary knowledge in an area of teaching (Further Education and Training Teaching) specialisation.

Where a student does not have the requisite subject content knowledge, s/he would be required to undertake such modules at the required level before admission into the Postgraduate Certificate in Education.


Want more info? Download application and other documents:

We encourage all prospective PGCE students to visit the SACE  website at:  to familiarise with the requirements for SACE registration.


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  1. Lindisiwe Khozi

    My name is Lindisiwe Khozi I would like to apply for PGCE ,I have a passion of teaching and motivating young children ,I believe that innovation and sustainability is the key to our young children who are still growing in our invironment ,I have the love of children having the passion to protect them and teach them I also believe that that discipline ,passion is the key .


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