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By | 24/05/2021

Milpark Business School Project Management Requirements

Milpark Business School Project Management; See details on Milpark Business School Project Management

This short course certificate programme in the Fundamentals of Project Management enhance your project planning, execution, control and leadership competencies for small and large projects, and will provide you with an exciting entry into what is fast becoming the new way of working effectively.

All organisations – regardless of their primary motive – demand the optimum employment of financial, time and other resources in order to deliver performance within the predefined scope. The current global economic realities leave no room for wastefulness and wishful thinking.

Many organisations today regard Project Management literacy as the third and compulsory level of literacy, after basic literacy and computer literacy. Anybody who is serious about personal and career growth will, at some stage, need to acquire formal Project Management knowledge and skills.

This short course offers a comprehensive coverage of the skills and knowledge required by practising or aspiring project team administrators, and sets the groundwork for subsequent studies in Applied Project Management. It recognises the existence of various international professional bodies in Project Management, each seeking to advance a particular bias in its approach to the subject.



On successful completion of this short course, you will able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of Project Management as a contemporary management approach with unique benefits in comparison to traditional management approaches
  • demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the project cycle and the applications of project management knowledge areas and process groups at different stages of project management
  • demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the four major project constraints and the interdependencies among them
  • demonstrate an understanding of the importance and ways of contributing to effective communication and interpersonal skills in a project environment
  • develop simple project management documents including project planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting tools
  • start inculcating good project management habits as a way of life.

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  • This course has no admission requirements.
  • A good level of English reading and writing proficiency is required.



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